Monday, February 22, 2010

Meet Snoop!

On Valentine's Day, I met an adorable, wiggly, loving Boxer/Pit mix named Snoop. He came into the Philadelphia SPCA Acct with non-contagious mange after his owner surrendered him. I cannot imagine how anyone could give up this sweetheart. He is sure to steal anyone's heart who spends even a few minutes with him.

He is a 6-12 month old white and tan male. For such a young pup, he does very well socially. He's great with people and even dogs! Anyone who gets close enough to his face will quickly be covered in doggy kisses.

I asked to be paired with Snoop as part of the SPCA's Pen Pal Program, but was told he had been adopted! I was so happy he found a loving home and knew he would play and kiss his new owners all day.

Sadly, after only 2 days, he was returned. The people who were fostering him were playing with Snoop and their children. Snoop chased after the sleds and tried playing with the sleds at the bottom. Unbelievably, the fosters called and decided to return him because they felt he was being aggressive.

After spending 4 hours with Snoop, I did not see a single aggressive act from him. Even when another dog snapped at him, Snoop just looked at him with a questioning look on his cute puppy face.

So today, I went to the SPCA on Hunting Park Ave for my first night as Snoop's Pen Pal. He really dislikes being in the kennel, but as soon as I get him out and give him a hug, he perks right up.

His mange has greatly improved. He looks so much better than he did last week. His scabs are healing nicely and hair is beginning to grow back.

We went for a walk in the parking lot. He does like to pull and occasionally when he gets a bout of energy he whips around and plays tug with his leash. It's really hard not to laugh at his goofy antics! We will be working on his leash manners next time I go in to see him.

If you are interested in meeting Snoop or have any other questions about him, contact me at or visit the PSPCA ACCT, 111 W Hunting Park Ave, Philadelphia, PA 19140.