Friday, January 4, 2013

Lady Piglet and Family

Here are a bunch of pictures sent to me from Lady's new family

Her favorite pastime - begging for treats!!

                               Lady gets her own ottoman!


But sometimes, she likes to hang out with 
                             Dad on his recliner

....or "play" with the kids.

Looks like she hasn't lost all her puppy yet.

She is definitely learning some much-needed manners though! 
Look how pretty she is sitting on the leash for Mom....

...and for Dad!

She goes on long walks through all the wide open spaces surrounding her new home. Finally lots of room for her to get out all that energy! And no dog-filled parks to distract her

Lady is allowed into the stores in her new town!! What a lucky Pig!! In the letter from her new Mom, she says that Lady is living the dream and "so many folks around here are taken with her beauty!!!"

So not only does she have a loving family, she is the beauty queen in town.

Mom and Lady. Nothing but pure happiness and love in both of their eyes. This picture about sums up how perfect a match Lady and her family have turned out to be.

                           Have you ever seen such a tired Piglet???
                                          They must be doing something right!!!!

I hope to meet up again with Lady Piglet in the future. Until then, I know she is loving her new life. She found a home that she really deserved with such a kind and loving family that deserved another great dog. Good job team!

Thanks again to everyone. If you are interested in bringing a new member into your family, consider adoption! There are a number of shelters in the Philadelphia area with animals that desperately need your help. Lady was from:    
 Animal Care & Control Team of Philadelphia
111 W. Hunting Park Avenue
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, 19140 
(267) 385-3800

We worked together through ACCT's PenPal program. If you would like to volunteer your time, shelters also would greatly appreciate your help as well. 

Happy New Year everyone! Best wishes to you and your pets.

Stay tuned for either my next PenPal dog or updates on my upcoming dog non-profit. If you are interested in getting involved with that project with me, send me an email for more details at or follow me on Twitter to find out when I get things rolling @SomeDoggysHero

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