Sunday, February 12, 2012

Piglet Finds a Foster??

Last week Piglet went for a walk in the neighborhood around the shelter. Using a harness, she is learning to walk very well on leash. When we got back from the walk we worked on "sit" and Piglet got it down. She can get distracted at times, especially when other dogs are walking by, but overall she has mastered "sit."

We ran around the parking lot to get some extra energy out and then went to hang out on the lawn. Piglet really likes belly rubs, but she is still learning to not be so rough and mouthy when you get down to play with her. She sat on my lap and watched the other dogs coming and going. Since she had sit mastered, I tried to work on "down" with her. She learned it so quickly; she's a very smart girl! She only does it when you have a treat in hand, but pretty soon she'll have that down pat too.

On Saturday, Piglet got out of ACCT again. I took her to Drexel University to meet a friend interested in fostering her.

She met the neighbors cat, Fluff, but he was scared by Piglet. She was very curious about him and stared at him, but did not seems aggressive towards him. After Fluff went away she kept trying to climb the steps, refusing to believe her leash could stop her.

We went on a walk around campus so Deb could handle Piglet a bit and see how she behaves. Piglet got her picture taken with Mario the Drexel Dragon!

On our way back to Deb's house, Piglet met a cat on the street. The cat did not like her, but when we tried to walk around it, it stalked Piglet! It followed us up the street, cutting across lawns and jumping out from behind cars. Piglet never barked or growled at it, just stared with her inquisitive look on her face.

When we got back, Piglet got into the house and rested her head on the couch and just froze and stared for a few minutes.

When she was done playing freeze, she started exploring. She wasn't too sure of the hardwood floors are first and it took enticing her with some treats to get her to go down the hall. There is a backyard with a long run for Piglet to run around in, so we took her out back to explore. She had so much energy to get out!

It was time to wrap up the visit, so we took Piglet in and she cuddled with Deb and me on the living room floor for a bit before we went back to ACCT.

On the ride back, Piglet and Munkin hung out together in the back.

Deb really enjoyed the meet with Piglet and she wants to foster her!!! Her roommate was out of town, so hopefully their meet will go just as well and Piglet will be out of the shelter before the week is through!

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