Sunday, February 19, 2012

Piglet Moves to West Philly

The foster worked out and Piglet is now living in West Philly. She's the newest Drexel Dragon!

Deb and Piglet!

She is doing well in her new home so far. She has only had a few accidents and she loves her new crate. The ball only lasted a few minutes, so Pig needs heavy duty toys.

Piglet's new friend, Travis, took her on a run Friday morning to get some of all that energy out. They went running by the art museum and she tired him out.

Today Piglet got a bath!! Deb and I washed her in the bathtub and she was so well-behaved!!

It seemed like she was somewhat nervous about it, but she stayed in the tub.

All dried off and looking like a pretty Pig. Look how shiny her coat is!!

Pig is such a ham!! See her new toy in the corner? She already took a chunk out of the toe; a Kong is what she really needs.

They are indestructible (hopefully!)

Deb and Piglet dancing =)

Piglet started working on clicker training. We worked on associating the clicker with treats. It's a great method for a dog like Pig who is all over the place with her attention. The basic idea is that when the dog does something good, you "click" to let them know they did something good and that a reward is coming. So we started off with "look" to get Piglet to learn to look you in the eye and focus her attention only on you. This is helpful for all types of situations where diverting attention to yourself is important. She was catching on very quickly. Deb noticed that it helped with her nipping because it gives her an outlet for her energy and an activity to do.

After the bath and training, she was all pooped out. She took a little nap while we watched a movie.

Piglet is adjusting to life in a house really well!! She still needs a forever home, so if you are interested, contact me at

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