Saturday, March 24, 2012

Spring Break 2012: Pig and Ken Vacation in West Philly and an update

Piglet is staying with me for Spring Break for the next couple weeks. A lot has happened since she was fostered by Deb and Regina. She was doing well with them, but Regina had severe allergies to Piglet so staying there long term is no longer an option. They tried finding her a home before Spring Break, but no leads followed through. So Pig moved in for the break and we are going to work on her manners and training and finding her a permanent home. A big thanks to Deb and Regina for trying with Piglet! Only wish the circumstances would have been better.

UPenn spayed her and discovered that Piglet does NOT have mammary tumors! It turns out that her lymph nodes are just enlarged. She went into heat before the surgery and had to wear a diaper around the house. The surgery went well and she is about a week into her two week recovery. She has to take it easy for these two weeks, so no jumping, running, or excessive activity.

That does not appear to be a problem at all for Pig.

I was on my futon this morning and she stepped up and nudged herself on the little bit she had and got comfortable.

                                                                                                           We haven't left the futon since.

No matter what position I move into, she manages to have some part of our bodies touching at all times. I think she is a big fan of country music.

Last night I brought her home and she explored our big house while I got the crate set up. She instantly made herself home in my room. She didn't try to get into or chew any thing, but since she still is healing she needs to sleep in her cage at night with the Elizabethan collar on.

More pictures and stories to follow.
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