Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Update on Snoop

Snoop went to a foster today!!! I'm so happy for him and hopefully he'll do great there. After a few weeks at the foster he will be moving to a rescue once he gets a clear bill of health.

Last Thursday I went and visited with him. We were beginning to get our "huge" snowstorm when I took him outside. He didn't seem overly thrilled with the snow and after about ten minutes he wanted to go in, but he's still super skinny and was starting to shiver.

I tried a harness on him and getting it on him was a struggle! He is super wiggly and every time I would try to put it on him he just licked and hugged, but eventually I got it on. He seems to walk much nicer on that than a regular leash and doesn't pull as much with it.

We went into a quiet room to play and work on obedience. He already knew sit pretty well, but that was it. I started working on down. He didn't understand at first and just stared at my hand. Eventually I convinced him to lie down to get his treat.

My last day with him was last night (Monday) and as usual he was very happy to get out of his kennel. I got his harness on and we went outside to the parking lot where we walked a few laps. He still needs work on his walking manners, as he will grab his leash and start playing tug.

He found a stick in the parking lot and took it and starting running in circles. He was so excited and happy!! I tried to get a video, but it was too dark.

We went back inside to the room again to work on his sit and down for awhile. He still remembered down! His attention wasn't really there last night so I didn't work with him too long and instead played with him since it was our last night together.

He got a yogurt bone, which he finished in less than 5 minutes. Then I sat on the floor with him and he got in my lap and cuddled with me until it was time to go back. He is the sweetest little dog and I really hope he finds a good permanent home. Good luck Snoop!!!

I'll be picking my new Pen Pal in Thursday.

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